Tally ODBC Driver Issue

Based on the Operating System bit (32/64) Tally has given the Exe. However, the Micro Soft Excel application should be compatible with O/S and Tally.ERP9.

Please note, on 64 Bit OS and 64Bit Tally.ERP9, a 32-Bit Excel application can act as a server with following steps.

Please download from the Portal- ‘Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable’.

  1. Install AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe Installed (steps given below separately.)
  2. Excel 32 Bit (Excel 2003) Installed – and acting as server
  3. Tally 64 Bit as Client –
    with ODBC Driver [ODBC: “Driver= {Microsoft Excel Driver (*.XSL, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)}; DBQ=C:Tally.ERP 9 4.5 Build 7Sample Data.xls;”]
    Tally 32 Bit as Client – with ODBC Driver [ODBC: “Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver *.xls)}; DBQ=Sample Data.xls”]

This will resolve the problem by NOT upgrading MS Office to 64 bits. You can continue using 32-bit application of Excel.

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