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Voucher Type Wise Print Title Fixed in Tally

In Default Tally Prime or Tally ERP have no option to set title voucher Print invoice in all Voucher Type. Using This addons you can set Voucher type Wise Print Title. If The Print Title is blank or Empty then Voucher Type Name will be Print as Voucher Print title.

for Example

if we are Create more the one voucher type in single voucher type (Sales Order or Purchase Order) Now we want to fixed the Print title for every Voucher Type. Then Using This addons we can fixed title for every voucher.

Voucher Type Wise Print Title Fixed

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Bill Type – On Account Block in Tally Transaction

On of the Mager challenges in Tally for doing the on account transaction. If the Tally user creating on account transaction then Bill wise Outstanding Report display wrong information. for Example : – If Party ABC & Co. Payment the advance payment like Rs. 5000/-. if the tally data entry user, are entre this transaction with on account then we don’t have option to adjust this amount to any bill.

we need to changes receipt transaction again and modify this bill line details. Other wise Bill outstanding Report will display Wrong information.

for over come this Problem we are provide one Tally addons where you can block on account transaction. so that tally data entry operator will not able to select on account bill type. and your Bill wise Outstanding Report will work Properly.

This is the simple addons we are provide free for our customer. No need to pay any additional amount for this TDL.

Just you have to Email your Serial No along with your name and contact Details this this email id : Or Just comment on This post with your email id our team will connect with you.

No Hidden charges for this TCP file.

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Color, Size, Design Wise Purchase and Sales in Tally

Using This addons you can maintain Color, Size, Design wise Sales and Purchase transaction in Tally. We are Provide option in Stock Master (Item master) for enable which option you want to use. Like Enable Color, Enable Size, Enable Design. you can make Yes which option you want to use in tally. If you want to enable only two options like Color or Size then you can enable only two options. at the time of transaction in tally only enable option will be displayed. To use these addons you need to Batch Enable in Tally company Level. With batch enable you cannot use this addons. if you have any other stock / Item where you didn’t want to use this option then you can make as No. then the transaction time this field will not display.

In Tally We are Provide Master screen where you can create master for Color, Size and design after that this master and Select in Product master. So that at the time of the billing only selected information will be displayed. otherwise, all master will Be display and tally user will do the wrong entry.

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You can also reach if you want to customize your tally as per our requirement. like Invoice customization in Tally. MIS Repost Design in Tally. Agent Module in Tally. Excel to tally. XML to Tally. JSON to Tally. API to Tally. Tally to API etc. any type of tally customization please connect with us.

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Sales Order to Purchase Order

To automate the process of converting a Sales Order into a Purchase Order using TDL, you’ll need to develop a custom TDL program. The program will involve interacting with Tally’s data structures and performing the necessary calculations and data transformations. Here’s a general outline of the steps involved:

Identify the relevant data structures: Determine the data structures in Tally that store Sales Order and Purchase Order information. You’ll need to understand the structure and fields of these data structures to extract and manipulate the data.

Extract Sales Order details: Retrieve the necessary information from the Sales Order, such as the customer, items, quantities, prices, and any additional attributes required for the Purchase Order.

Perform any necessary calculations: If there are any calculations required for the Purchase Order, such as applying discounts, taxes, or currency conversions, perform those calculations based on your specific business requirements.

Create a new Purchase Order: Using the extracted and calculated data, create a new Purchase Order in Tally. Populate the relevant fields such as the vendor, items, quantities, prices, and any other required attributes.

Save the Purchase Order: Once the Purchase Order is populated with the appropriate data, save it in Tally’s data structures.

Optional: Handle additional functionalities: Depending on your requirements, you may need to incorporate additional functionalities like updating stock levels, managing inventory, or triggering other processes related to the conversion of Sales Order to Purchase Order.

Note that the specific implementation details and TDL code will vary based on the version of Tally you’re using and the customization requirements of your business. It’s recommended to consult the TDL documentation and seek assistance from TDL developers or Tally experts to ensure the accuracy and compatibility of your custom TDL program.

Developing such a TDL program might require advanced knowledge of Tally and TDL programming. If you’re not familiar with TDL or need further assistance, it’s advisable to consult a TDL developer or a Tally expert to help you with the implementation.

These addons will be used for those companies who generate purchase orders on the basis of sales orders. for Example, if ABC & Company they are using Tally, they received Sales Order for any product from any customer and they will purchase this product form any vendor and sales to the customer. in this addons we are also provide approval system in sales order. It means without admin level approval any data entry operator can’t Post Purchase order. If the admin wants to post purchase order for any product, then they will approve this Sales Order after that use will generate Purchase Order. If admin wants to provide approval right to any user they can do. after that particular user. We are providing a report which displays the cost of the product and sales rate of the product, so you can easily track the profit margin of the product.

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Gst 2B Reconciliation in Tally

Gst 2B reconciliation in Tally using Json Or ZIP file.

Just download JSON Or ZIP From Your GST Portal and Match Your Tally Data on Single click.

Report will Show GST Number Wise tax as Per Tally Vs As per GST portal.

If GST Data is Not available in Portal you can connect with your Client.

If Data is available in Portal and Not available in Tally Then you can make transaction in Tally.

if data Is partial match Like as per Tally 1000 and as Per Portal 850 then you can also see the different.

GSN Number Wise Tax Different you can Find.

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Part No and Alias update in Tally

This is a very important addons which is used to update part no and alias in tally. We are providing one report where all stock items, Alias and part no will be displayed.

You can export this report in excel format and update all details in excel. After that you can import in tally.

Note: – Before import excel sheet must be verified all stock item is created or not. If stock item is not created then error message will be displayed.

First Menu for display the report. And second for update Part no and Alias in Tally.
Export This report in excel format and update all alias and Part No After that you can import with same format.
Using This screen, you can update excel format.

This is sample excel file you can also updated all information in this format and update in tally.

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Batch wise manufacturer Name in Tally: –

 Product ID: – AST/08/05/2022/001

This is a very important addons for the pharma industry. Using these addons we can manage the manufacturer name in Tally.

For example: –

Suppose ABC & Company purchases Paracetamol with different – different company, and they want to maintain manufacturer name with batch name.

Using these addons easily maintain batch wise manufacturer name for track expire or sales movement all details.  

Also provide one report with manufacturer name, batch name.

You can easily track Stock in and out from a particular Manufacturer.

Following Process for use this addons.

Addons Enable Tally Company Wise.
Addons Enable in company where you want to use
Manufacturer Name create screen.
Creating the name of manufacturer Name in Tally.
Batch Wise manufacture name at the time of Stock opening
Add Batch Wise Manufacturer Name in stock opening.
Batch Wise Manufacturer in Sales transaction.
Batch Wise manufacturer Name is displayed.

We can also add manufacturer Name at the time of purchase transaction. this will display at the time of sales transaction.

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Voucher Type Wise Company Address & Voucher Type Wise Godown Set in Tally

Voucher Type Wise Company Address: –

in Tally default have an option to create multiple address in single company after enable multiple address features.

This option will find the F11 (from tally main Screen) using bellow screen we can create multiple address.

After that in voucher type have option (Customized option)  to fixed address type. As bellow screen.

Similarly  Voucher Type have option to set the godown ( Customized Option ) this godown will automatic come at the time of transaction. As per bellow screen.

Product ID : #PRA000017102121

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Row Material Rate and amount Fixed in BOM FG with Additional Ledger Details

This is Very Important addons in use manufacturing Process. Using This utility you can set Rate and amount at the time of BOM ( Bill of Material) Define.

In your Finished Goods Product or Semi Finished Goods Product you can set BOM as Per Process. Using this addons you can also Define rate amount of this Row Materials . This rate and amount will be auto display in Manufacturing Transaction. In BOM configuration you can also set additional Ledger Details . Like labour charge Or any other charges if you want to fixed for this particular FG. Ledger amount ( Additional Ledger Amount ) depend as per Unit which are set in master. If at the time of Manufacturing Qty is Increase or Decrease Then Amount will be Auto calculate.

we are also Provide screen shot for the same.

If you want demo Then Please contact with Us:

Row Material wise Rate and Amount setting with Additional ledger configuration
As Per BOM Configuration Transaction

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