What is the Collection in Tally Developer

Collection is group of objects, or group of collection.

There are two type of collection

  1. Simple collection
  2. Compound Collections

  Simple Collection : – A collection have only single method which is repatriable, This Know as simple collection.

Example : –

[Collection   : My Ledger Coll]

	Type : Ledger   
 ;; Ledger is The Object Using This Object We can Get Date From Ledger Master , Like LedgerName , Group , Mobile No etc
	Fetch : Name

Compound Collections : A collection have multiple object or Multiple Collection This know as compound collection.

Example : –

           [collection : BaseSalesVoucher]
		Type : Vouchers  : Voucher Type
		Child of : “Sales”
		Belong To : Yes

;;;;;; Voucher is a object using This Object we can get data From Transaction Level. in This Collection we fixed the data will be ;;;;;return from Sales Voucher.

[Collection  : My New Collection]
     Source Collection :  BaseSalesVoucher

  ;;;; Using the source Collection we are Call the pre
    ;;;;; After That you can write your ,logic  if you want call data party Wise then PartyledgerName
	By 	: PartyLedgerName	: $PartyLedgerName
	Aggr Compute : Amount	: Sum	: $Amount

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