Create Ledger, Stock and Unit Master in Tally: –

Before do any transaction in tally we need to create master respected to the transaction. For example – we are creating one company in Tally Name is ABC & Company. Create Company in tally . in Tally Main screen have option Name “Create”. Using this option, we create all required master.

Tally Main Screen
All Master List

and This company purchase some product from supplier and sales to your customer. this is simple condition we are going to implemented in Tally.  Need to create supplier and Customer Ledger first. And one sales and purchase ledger.

  •  Supplier parent will be Sundry Creditors.
  • Customer Parent will Be Sundry Debtors.
  • Sales Ledger will be Sales Accounts with one option must be yes name is Inventory values are affected: Yes.
  • And Purchase Ledger Will Be purchase accounts with Inventory values are affected: Yes  

Supplier master Create Screen


Sales Ledger Create Screen

Purchase Ledger Create Screen

Stock Item Create Screen

Unit master Create Screen

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