Auto Email In tally ( Voucher & Outstanding Report)

Title: Enhancing Business Efficiency: Automating Email Communications in Tally


Importance of effective communication in business operations
Challenges faced in manual email communication processes
Integration of Email with Tally:

Overview of Tally’s email integration capabilities
Configuring email settings within Tally
Establishing SMTP server connections for seamless email delivery
Automated Email Notifications:

Setting up email notifications for critical events
Examples: Payment reminders, invoice acknowledgments, purchase order confirmations
Customizing email templates to reflect your brand identity
Scheduled Reports via Email:

Generating and automating email delivery of reports
Configuring scheduled report generation and email triggers
Examples: Sales reports, financial statements, stock statements
Payment Reminders and Receivables Management:

Automating payment reminder emails to customers
Defining email triggers based on due dates or outstanding amounts
Streamlining receivables management through automated communications
Vendor Communications and Purchase Orders:

Emailing purchase orders directly from Tally
Establishing seamless communication with suppliers
Enhancing efficiency in procurement processes
Customer Relationship Management:

Automating email communications for customer interactions
Sending personalized emails for order confirmations, delivery updates, and customer support
Strengthening customer relationships through timely and efficient communication
Employee Notifications and HR Communications:

Leveraging email automation for internal communications
Notifying employees about policy updates, leave approvals, and training programs
Improving employee engagement and information dissemination
Streamlining Business Workflows:

Integrating Tally with workflow automation tools
Automating email-based workflows for approvals, document sharing, and collaboration
Enhancing productivity and reducing manual intervention in business processes

Benefits of automating email communications within Tally for businesses
Streamlining operations, improving customer service, and increasing efficiency
Harnessing the power of automation to drive growth and success in the digital era
Note: This outline provides a general structure for a blog post on automating email communications in Tally. Each section can be expanded with detailed explanations, practical examples, and tips for effective implementation.

We are Providing very important addons. in default tally if you want to send email after bill booking (sales Voucher Entry). then need to click email button and fill all required information and send this, same as if you want to send outstanding report or ledger voucher then need to send one by one.

over come this problem we developed a addons in tally where at the time on saving the transaction ask to send email or not. if press yes then email will be send to your customer. we can use this addons the tally voucher like : – Sales, Purchase , Debit note , Credit note , Payment , Receipt.

Another features of this addons you can send ledger voucher , ledger outstanding and Confirmation of A/cs . if you want to send email bulk or one by one then you can use this addons .

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