Batch wise manufacturer Name in Tally: –

 Product ID: – AST/08/05/2022/001

This is a very important addons for the pharma industry. Using these addons we can manage the manufacturer name in Tally.

For example: –

Suppose ABC & Company purchases Paracetamol with different – different company, and they want to maintain manufacturer name with batch name.

Using these addons easily maintain batch wise manufacturer name for track expire or sales movement all details.  

Also provide one report with manufacturer name, batch name.

You can easily track Stock in and out from a particular Manufacturer.

Following Process for use this addons.

Addons Enable Tally Company Wise.
Addons Enable in company where you want to use
Manufacturer Name create screen.
Creating the name of manufacturer Name in Tally.
Batch Wise manufacture name at the time of Stock opening
Add Batch Wise Manufacturer Name in stock opening.
Batch Wise Manufacturer in Sales transaction.
Batch Wise manufacturer Name is displayed.

We can also add manufacturer Name at the time of purchase transaction. this will display at the time of sales transaction.

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