Lock / Unlock Tally Transaction

 We are providing a very interesting and important addons in Tally. After Complete for Audit / GST Filling Lock your Transaction. No one can edit / Change your transaction.

Case: – suppose you match your passbook with your tally transaction after that any user are edit /Alter your transaction then you are facing very big issue, again need to match each transaction. Or suppose After GST Filling any user change the transaction or alter the transaction then same issue will occurs. Again, need to match each transaction.

Over come this issue we are providing a special addons in Tally so, you can lock and unlock your transaction. Admin can lock the transaction after that no one can edit / Alter This transaction. suppose admin want to unlock particular transaction then they can do, After Alteration they can again lock the same transaction.

Special Feature: -

*  Single / Multiple Transaction lock same time.

* Lock or unlock transaction form Daybook / GST Details Report.

* Report form Lock and unlock transaction.

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